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Sheriff's Director of Property and Evidence

Salary $110,109.96 - $133,839.36 Annually Location Contra Costa County, CA
Job Type Permanent Full-Time Job Number 64FG-2023A
Department Sheriff Opening Date 11/13/2023
Closing Date 12/08/2023 11:59 PM Pacific

The Position

The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff is the largest law enforcement agency in Contra Costa with over 1,100 sworn and professional employees dedicated to providing the highest level of law enforcement and customer services. The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff strives to maintain the highest standard of professional integrity, and ethics. The Office of the Sheriff is dedicated to pursuing excellence in performance throughout the organization and in the community through the quality of its personnel.

The Sheriff’s Director of Property and Evidence is responsible for the control, maintenance, security, and disposition of property and evidence acquired by the Office of the Sheriff.

We are currently recruiting to fill (1) vacancy for the Sheriff's Director of Property and Evidence position. If you are interested in continuing your career in one of the most professional, progressive agencies in the United States, then this would be a great opportunity for you!

We are looking for someone who:

  • Values honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct
  • Embraces opportunities for improvement including the use of technology
  • Can communicate effectively with others, establish and maintain strong relationships to achieve a common goal, and is a collaborative team player
  • Applies critical thinking to prioritize and re-prioritize workload to meet the needs of the organization
  • Thrives in a fast-paced work environment
  • Can understand customers' needs and be responsive and proactive when addressing those needs

What you will typically be responsible for:

  • Supervising the receipt, storage, tracking, release, and disposal of property and evidence in accordance with appropriate laws, rules, and regulations
  • Maintaining the property warehouse facility
  • Conducting periodic audits and inventories of property and evidence Using computer systems and databases to check case dispositions, enter serialized property, and track chain of custody
  • Supervising staff including reviewing, commending, and correcting the performance of subordinates
  • Implementing safety procedures to prevent injury, avoid contamination, and ensure the proper handling of items such as firearms, biological substances, and drugs
  • Managing the Property & Evidence Services budget and authorizing related expenditures Testifying in court regarding the integrity of property storage, preservation, and transportation, as needed

Please see the agency's post for more information on the position, application process, and to apply!

Criminalist I/II - Forensic Biology/DNA (Open and Promotional)

Salary $90,334.40 - $140,608.00 Annually Location County of San Mateo, CA
Job Type Full time Job Number H028X
Department Sheriff's Ofice Opening Date 11/15/2023
Closing Date 11/29/2023 11:59 PM Pacific


The County of San Mateo's Sheriff's Office Forensic Laboratory, which is accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board in both Testing and Calibration, is seeking to fill a Criminalist I/I position within its Forensic Biology and DNA Section, which includes participation in crime scene examination.

The Forensic Laboratory was constructed in March 2003 and is located in San Mateo, California. It is managed by a civilian Laboratory Director who is currently supported by three Supervising Criminalists, one Legal Office Services Supervisor, 28 Criminalists and interns, two Legal Office Specialists, and two Property Officers. The Criminalist will report to a Supervising Criminalist and will analyze evidence seized in the course of criminal investigations, providing laboratory analysis and expert witness testimony in the areas of serology and DNA analysis. They may participate in validation studies of new technology and methods for use in casework, cold case investigations, internal audits, and guiding our intern program. Also, on a rotational basis, they will respond with a partner to investigate crime scenes for homicides and officer involved critical incidents. To learn more about the department, visit:

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be an experienced Forensic Biology/DNA analyst dedicated to staying abreast of changes within the forensic industry.
  • Have experience in biological screening, DNA extraction, quantitation, amplification, and typing.
  • Have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, or a forensic science-related area.
  • Have successfully completed a minimum of 12 semester or equivalent credit hours from a combination of undergraduate or graduate coursework covering the subject areas of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, statistics and/or population genetics.
  • Have a minimum of three years of forensic DNA laboratory experience, which includes examining, collecting, and analyzing biological fluids, contact DNA, and other biological evidence collected from crime scenes.
  • Be experienced in using a wide variety of equipment and instrumentation including alternate light sources, centrifuges, microscopes, DNA extraction robots, liquid handlers, thermal cyclers, and genetic analyzers.
  • Have courtroom testimony experience.

Additional emphasis will be placed upon the following professional and personal attributes:

  • Demonstrated project management proficiency, effective planning, organizing, and prioritization skills.
  • Self-starter, motivated and capable of demonstrating measurable work results in a timely manner.
  • Ability to function with minimal supervision.
  • Knowledge/experience in PCR DNA STR Systems.
  • Knowledge/experience in probabilistic genotyping.
  • Ability to persuasively communicate ideas and goals and effectively motivate others to achieve those goals.
  • Strategic thinking and planning.
  • Understanding of current forensic technology and experience in the collection and analysis of biological fluids and other physical evidence collected at crime scenes.

There is currently one vacancy in the Sheriff’s Office. Depending on qualifications, the vacancy may be filled at the Criminalist I or Criminalist II level.

NOTE: A 2.5% pay differential is also given for IAI Crime Scene Certification and an additional 5.0% for the ABC, ABT, AFTE or IAI Latent Print Certification. The maximum allowable certification differential is 7.5%. The eligible list generated from this recruitment may be used to fill future extra-help, limited term, unclassified, and regular classified vacancies.

Examples Of Duties

Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Examine and identify biological fluids such as blood, saliva, and semen.
  • Perform microscopic examinations to identify biological cells.
  • Perform DNA extractions.
  • Perform quantitation of DNA extractions.
  • Perform PCR amplifications.
  • Analyze and interpret DNA typing results (including simple and complex mixtures).
  • Prepare evidence for presentation at court and testify as an expert witness on the results of laboratory analysis.
  • Engage in crime scene examination of major crime scenes; identify, document, and collect physical evidence.
  • Participate in an on-call rotation to respond to major crime scenes; approximately a one-week duration every eight weeks.
  • Take photographs.
  • Participate in public relations activities such as conducting tours of the Laboratory and speaking to various interested groups.
  • Care for and maintain laboratory equipment and instrumentation. Perform related duties as assigned.

For more information on the this job posting including qualification requirements and informaiton on the application process, please see the County of San Mateo's job posting for Criminalist I/II - Forensic Biology/DNA (Open and Promotional).

DNA Technical Lead Criminalist

SALARY $48.86 - $58.39 Hourly
$3,908.88 - $4,671.47 Biweekly
$8,469.24 - $10,121.52 Monthly
LOCATION Kern County, CA
JOB TYPE Full time JOB NUMBER 9196
DEPARTMENT District Attorney OPENING DATE 11/15/2023
CLOSING DATE 11/30/2023 5:00 PM Pacific

Position Information


Appraisal (Weight 100%): Will be conducted for the purpose of evaluating the applicant's training, education, experience, interest and personal fitness for the position. Appraisal can be based on any combination of the following: Investigation, oral exam and rating of the application. Applicants must attain at least a 70% score on each phase of the examination process.  Should an oral exam be necessary, the oral exam will be weighted 100%. 

Minimum Qualifications:

A Masters or other graduate degree from an accredited college or university in biology, chemistry, or a forensic science related area and successful completion of a minimum of 12 semester or equivalent credit hours of combined undergraduate and graduate course work in biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology, statistics and/or population genetics.
Three years of professional forensic DNA laboratory experience which has included the identification and evaluation of biological evidence in criminal matters. Experience testifying as an expert witness in courts of law is desirable.  Possession of a valid California motor vehicle operator's license.

Additional Requirements:

Applicants must meet the standards for Technical Leader as established in “The Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories”, Section 5.2 or have a degree waiver from the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors or other organizations designated by the F.B.I. Successful completion of a documented training program in forensic DNA analysis and the forensic identification of biological substances and/or demonstration of competency is required.

Applicants must be able to pass a background investigation and shall not have been convicted of a felony in any state, or any federal jurisdiction nor of any offense which would have been a felony if committed in this state.

Applicants must submit all applicable diploma(s), transcripts, license(s) and/or certificate(s) with their application by the final filing deadline. If you are unable to attach application materials to your application, you may e-mail a copy to

See the following link for the full job description and to apply for: DNA Technical Lead Criminalist.

Criminalist II, Forensic Biology DNA – Police (8260)

1245 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA
Certification Rule: Rule of 10
Work Hours: Regular
Job Code and Title: 8260-Criminalist II
Fill Type: Permanent Civil Service

Specific information regarding this recruitment process are listed below:

  • Application Opening: November 3, 2023
  • Application Deadline: Apply immediately, announcement may close any time after 2 weeks from posting date.
  • Class & Compensation: $126,256 - $153,478
  • Recruitment ID: PBT-8260-129051
  • Work Location: 1995 Evans Ave, San Francisco, CA

This is a Position-Based Test conducted in accordance with CSC Rule 111A.

Job Description

The 8260 Criminalist II position is located at the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) Forensic Services Division Crime Lab. Under general supervision, the Criminalist II – Forensic Biology (DNA) specialty, evaluates and examines the nature, origin and significance of physical evidence in criminal investigations.

Please see the full job posting online at for more detailed information including job description, required qualifications, and the selection procedure. Be sure to click the I'm interested button when applying!

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