Nominating Committee


The purpose of this committee is to consider and solicit interest for possible candidates to serve on the Board of Directors as openings become available.

Possible / Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop a policy and procedures regarding the activities of this committee.
  • Work in conjunction with the Board of Directors to recruit candidates for election by the general membership to the Board. Elections are held at the Spring business meeting each year. In odd years, candidates are proposed for the positions of President-Elect and Secretary. In even years, candidates are proposed for President-Elect and Treasurer.

    If requested, the Nominating Committee may also assist the Board to develop candidates for other standing committees or special appointments.

    The Chair should:

    1. be familiar with the general duties of each of the elected positions
    2. be knowledgeable about which members are active in the organization and exhibit a high level of involvement or participation
    3. maintain an ongoing list of members who express an interest in serving the organization in an official capacity
    4. as far as possible, try to recruit from varied geographical and organizational affiliations to provide balance to the Board
    5. be prepared to introduce candidates to the membership prior to the election
  • Inform and advise the CACLD Board on any issues related to candidates for office.
  • Provide semi-annual report of activities to the Board and membership.

Committee Chair

Mary Hong